Steve French

Steve French (Frenchy) is the President and Founder of Volt Vision.  He is a musician who has played in several professional bands.  Steve has always wanted to combine his technical engineering side with his creative musician side and Volt Vision is allowing him to do that.  Volt Vision started as an electronic design and consulting company, where Frenchy obtained great experience designing Aftermarket Automotive Pump Controllers, Industrial Test Equipment, Hydrogen Control Systems in Thailand and RFID sensor systems.

Frenchy is taking all of this practical, hands-on experience and applying it to “Defining the engines of interactive art for tomorrow.”  As a touring musician, Frenchy has always wanted a way to “make the lighting become an extension of the musician’s performance.”  Frenchy and Volt Vision are now defining intelligent and interactive lighting systems with emphasis on musician applications, interactive art exhibits, home & garden and architectural.  This is an exciting time and there is a lot of opportunity as new technologies emerge everyday!!

Steve French, a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, is an advocate of working with students.  Volt Vision has sponsored many Engineering “Senior Design Projects” with Penn State Behrend and Gannon Universities in Erie, PA.  ”It is great to inspire tomorrow’s engineers through intriguing and engaging hands-on projects.”  Frenchy has also been giving Design Workshops to Electrical, Computer and Software Engineers at Guatemala’s premier Engineering University every year since 2011.  Frenchy has taught classes at the Infinity Performing Arts Center and Falconer High School which explore new forms of art with interactive colour-changing LED systems inside!  Engineering meets art!!!  Frenchy has a great knack for explaining technical things in a way that gets people excited and engaged in their learning.












Volt Vision Frenchy at work testing some interactive LED products