BeagleBone Black and “Sounds of the Night:” Installment 1 of 7

by Jamie Nash

by Jamie Nash and Steve French

Hello everybody! We are excited to announce that Volt Vision is launching a seven-part series of blog posts about one of our many BeagleBone Black projects: Sounds of the Night. This series will be a technical walkthrough detailing every aspect of building this project. This post will be number 1 in that series, so check back each week for the next installment!

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As you may know from our blog, Volt Vision’s workshops at FIT2013 in Guatemala focused heavily on the BeagleBone Black and how students could implement it into their own projects. Now, we’ll show you how we incorporated it into one of our own: Winter Night Lights at the Audubon 2013.


One of Volt Vision’s five “wows” at the Jamestown Audubon Center was Sounds of the Night — an interactive project with an environmentally educational theme. The exhibit included five animal creations, all of which represent animals native to the Western New York area. They were hand painted by Gary Peters and equipped with interactive LED lights and sound effects. When a flashlight’s beam pointed at the light sensor, the animal came to life! Each animal — an owl, a raccoon, a bobcat, a deer and a fox — lit up and serenaded the crowd with its own sound.

Check out this clip, from a larger video by cinematographer Nigel Eastman, to see the animals in action.


During the development of Sounds of the Night, Volt Vision had the pleasure of working with node.js master Daniel Zavala from Mexico. The following video is a celebration, showing Daniel the exciting moment when his program first works! As you can see, the “animal” is not yet attached, but the sensor and sound are ready to go.


As we mentioned earlier, this post is just the first in a series of seven blog posts detailing our work with the BeagleBone Black. Next time, we’ll go more into depth about the creation and building of Sounds of the Night. So stay tuned! Here’s what’s in store:


1) Overview, concept and background (<– You are here)

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