LED Controllers represent one of Volt Vision’s specialties! We have many new LED Controller products in the pipeline to be released in 2013! LED Controllers come in many different configurations for many different reasons. Controllers usually imply that some form of dimming is taking place (without dimming you can actually hook-up a power supply directly without a controller!) There are Single-Color/Single-Channel Controllers, there are 2-channel controllers for adjustable CCT systems (adjusting white balance), there are 3-channel controllers for RGB systems, there are 4-channel controllers for RGBW systems. There are controllers for Common Anode LEDs, there are LED controllers for Constant-Current LEDs, there are LED controllers for Digital LEDs, there are LED controllers which have a wireless remote, there are LED controllers which can interface with WiFi for control via your Smartphone or Computer. LED controllers represent one of the most exciting portions of the LED marketplace and the place for OEMs to differentiate themselves!