The Plug-n-Play Kits category is scheduled to be one of the very best parts of Volt Vision! Not everyone needs to be an Electrical Engineer to have fun with LEDs!! The Plug-n-Play Kits category is where we do all of the calculations for you and provide you with easy to use, tested systems which your Grandmother can use. We like to think of them as LED Happy Meals. Volt Vision is currently developing Plug-n-Play Kits for Artists, Musicians and Children.

Color Chasing LED Strip Light KIT

Item#: VoV-RT700-5050-KIT

Complete Plug-n-Play Color Chasing LED Strip Light Kit With Programmer!

This 5050 Chip Led strip is designed to perform hundreds of color programs.

You can use as many strips as you want with just one RT700 programer. You will need a 12/5VDC power supply with each strip. The strips are: 1/2"W x 1/8"H x 197"L (16.4feet).

This strip can be cut and soldered back together every 2". Each end comes with a connector for a power supply.

KIT Includes:
One (1) 16.4ft Color Chase Waterproof Strip
One (1) Programer
One (1) RF Remote
One (1) 5VDC 60w Power Supply
One (1) 12VDC 12w Power Supply

Strip Specifications:
Voltage: DC5V
Power: 4.8W/M (24Watts per 16.4Ft)
Type: Multi-color Digital RGB
RoHS & CE Approved

Programer Specifications:
Program: 99 Modes
Speed: 1-99
Unit Length: 16.4Ft
Max Strip Length: Infinite
Dual Color Digit: Yes
Dual Output: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Remote Band: 433MHz
Remote Distance: Up To 160 Feet
Size: 3.7x2.3x1inch
Power Input: 12VDC/2A
Max Power: 24Watts
Power Output: 5V/4A

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