Christmas 2012
Chautauqua Mall
Santa Mailbox

Volt Vision designs the interactive art engines of tomorrow.
We believe that interactive art engages kids of all ages.
You will see Volt Vision do many high profile interactive art projects in 2013.

See the Volt Vision blog post for a complete list of thank yous and plenty of behind the scenes discussion. (coming soon).

Thank yous:
-Everyone on the Volt Vision team who made it happen!!
-Superhuman artist Gary Peters, who birthed and painted the artwork on the mailbox & did the new Volt Vision video tag @ the beginning of the video.
-Rodrigo Herrera for helping me to program the Teensy2.0 and coming up with the “accidental” trail effect.
-Kipp Reynolds for putting this little video together very quickly!!
-Thanks to Daniel Garcia for writing the FastSPI library that I used on the Teensy2.0.
-Thanks to Paul (and Robin) @ for creating the Teensy2.0 which drives the Volt Vision digital LEDs.
-Thanks to John Streed for coming up with the special “V on the eyes” symbol.