Time Machine – “Sounds of the Night” Project

Hey folks! Today we’re gonna take you back in time, to days of yore, back before our poor unfortunate Volt Vision website was hacked; back to the ancient year of 2014. That’s right, we’re resurrecting an oldie today, because we believe that it is a “goodie”! We’re bringing back to you the 7-part blog post detailing the “Sounds of the Night” project, and all the stages of its development. Stay tuned, and next time we see you, it’ll be 2 years in the PAST!

Night Lights Festival – Walking Tour

Hello again, friends! Check out this new “walking tour” of Volt Vision’s installation down at the Great Blue Heron, in preparation for the Night Lights music festival going on from the 25th all the way through the 27th. Of course, nothing’s quite like the real thing, so if you’re in the area, come check it out!

Night Lights Music Festival

Howdy there farmers! Just got done the other night setting up a beautiful installation with Steve French for the Night Lights Music Festival, over at the Great Blue Heron in Sherman, NY. I’ll post here a “walking tour”, if you will, of the full installation. However, nothing quite compares to seeing the real thing, so if you’re in the greater Western New York area, come and check it out! Not to mention you can stay for all the great music that’ll be going on all weekend long. Come August 25-27 if you wanna see it!

Welcome to Volt Vision’s new Blog!

Welcome to our new blog. Stay tuned…

Exciting Opportunities in 2016!!!

Hello.  We are excited to announce that 2016 is already the best year for Volt Vision ever!  We are growing like crazy, our consulting customers are happy and we are in the process of launching several new products.

The fact that our wordpress website was recently hacked will not slow us down.  As a matter of fact, we are using it as an opportunity to launch a brand new site and store that focuses more on who we are today.  Stay tuned.

If you have anything urgent to discuss, feel free to call Volt Vision President, Steve French @ (814)730-0003.  Thx and talk soon!